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EWL Executive Committee application from

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2023 12:39 pm
by Magdalena Kurz
Your application must be completed online via the links provided below. Applications submitted in Word or PDF will NOT be accepted. 

Please read our questions and answers about the elections on this page: here

The online system is easy to use and ensures a better management of the whole election process, before and after the elections. The online forms contain the relevant procedures for the elections according to EWL’s our Statutes and Internal Rules. The system allows you to upload all your documents as attachments. We also provide you with Word version of the application forms to help you prepare your answer in advance, but please remember you must complete your application online and Word/PDF applications will not be accepted.

All applications received will be circulated to EWL Board members via the Living Room by 21 September 

EWL Executive Committee application - CLOSED on 13 September
  You will be able to retrieve a copy of your application form once it has been uploaded to the EWL Members' Forum, the Living Room. Should you need the copy sooner, please contact Caitlin Raph ( .