Call for the two (2) new ExCo members

Communication Call for the two (2) new ExCo members
On behalf of Iliana Balabanova, EWL President

20 August 2023  

Dear EWL Board Members, 

I hope you are well.
This is an exceptional call post GA and (new) Board meeting which took place in June. Following the withdrawal of Gertrud Aström from her position as Vice-President and as Executive Committee member, I am pleased to launch the call for the elections of the two (2) vacant seats on the EWL Executive Committee for the period 2023-2025. The elections will be taking place at EWL’s Board meeting on 13-15 October 2023. Please read this carefully and don’t hesitate to come back if you have any questions. 

EWL Executive Committee elections two (2) vacant seats

The Executive Committee of EWL plays a crucial role in guiding EWL strategically into another decade for women’s rights and feminism, and ensuring we deepen our work together through the implementation of the operationalization and implementation plans of our organisation.  Against this background, we invite you to keep in mind our commitment to upholding women’s human rights and representing all women and girls. Our democratic processes include commitments to inclusion, participation, solidarity and diversity, and consider how this can be reflected at all levels of EWL, including in our governance structures.


Timeline for the applications

As for the call for Executive Committee candidates prior to the GA, we are proposing a similar timeframe, i.e. two months prior to the next Board meeting in October, and in accordance with our Internal Rules (article 14.2).
Please note that all this information is available on the Living Room here. 
The deadlines for the Executive Committee applications are the following:  
  • Deadline for applications for candidates for the EWL Executive Committee – 13 September 2023 (as per article 14.2, Internal Rules)
  All Board members are eligible to apply. Applications will then be circulated to EWL full members via the Living Room by 21 September 2023. (Article 14.2 of Internal Rules). 

Online application forms

All this information is available on the Living Room here. 

Your application must be completed online via the links provided below. This system is easy to use and ensures a better management of the whole election process, before and after the elections. The online forms contain the relevant procedures for the elections according to EWL’s Statutes and Internal Rules. The system allows you to upload all your documents as attachments.
We also provide you with Word version of the application forms (on the Living Room here) to help you prepare your answer in advance, but please note you must complete your application online and Word/PDF applications will not be accepted


You will be able to retrieve a copy of your application form once it has been uploaded to the EWL Members' Forum, Living Room. Should you need the copy sooner, please contact Caitlin Raph ( )

 Who completes the forms 

Candidates for the EWL Executive Committee.

We will come back to you soon with a more detailed plan on the opportunity to get to know candidates. Please be assured that we will use a safe and secure online voting tool for the elections that is easy to use and legally valid. 

Additional information on the Living Room 

Please visit the Living Room here to find out more about the elections with a useful Questions and Answers page and relevant documents including:

  • A description of the roles and responsibilities of the EWL Board, Executive Committee and procedures for the EWL elections;
  • The new Belgian code for Companies and Associations and Board responsibilities;

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Caitlin Raph (   I sincerely invite you to give due consideration to this call to join our existing team, who are also available for any additional information to help you to make your decision. We look forward to receiving your applications. We will be in touch soon with more information about our upcoming Board meeting.  

In the meantime, we are sending our sisterhood, solidarity and best wishes to all of you. 

With very best wishes,
Iliana Balabanova
EWL President

Magdalena Kurz
Membership and Governance Coordinator
European Women's Lobby // Lobby européen des femmes
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