Information about Board Meeting on 19 April 2024

Information about Board Meeting on 19 April 2024 in Bucharest, Romania

Date and time
19 April, morning session until lunch. 

Who attends
Current EWL Board Members elected for the mandate 2023-2025 (or her alternate should the Board Member not be able to attend the meeting - but not both the Board Member AND Alternate)

The documents are available for all Board Members and alternates on this page in the agenda about 10 days before the meeting.

How to attend
Register for the meeting by filling out this form below which also include the delegate nominations to the General Assembly.  

Delegates and Observer nomination form GA 2024.docx
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Voting at the Board Meeting
The voting will take place using an electronic voting system. The person attending the Board meeting will receive the link to vote.  To facilitate the running of the meeting online, the voting will take place in blocks, so you will receive an email with several items to vote on in one go. This will be indicated in the agenda.

Interpretation & accessibility
  • Simultaneous interpretation English to French/French to English in the meeting.
  • If there is any accessibility support we can provide to enable your participation at the online GA and Board meeting, please contact us at with leunis@womenlobby in CC
Board meeting Draft Agenda 
Board meeting draft agenda will be available below shortly. 

General Assembly 
General Assembly information is is available here.

Re: Information about Board Meeting on 19 April 2024

Proposal for Agenda for Board Meeting 19 April 2024 Bucharest

08:30-09:00 Registration of Board Members

WELCOME – for information and approval (09:00 – 09:30)

  • Welcome 
  • Apologies 
  • Agree Meeting Charter (approval by showing hands) 
  • Minutes of the last Board meeting 
  • Agenda
VOTING – (ICE BREAKER while voting on minutes and agenda) 

WORP PLAN and BUDGET 2025 – for information, discussion and approval (09:30– 10:45)
  • Presentation 
  • Amendments presentation and discussion 
 BREAK  INTERNAL RULES – for information (11:00 – 11:20)
  • Introduction: Presentation of Process of Alignment of Internal Rules to new EWL Statutes 
  • Discussion 
 CLOSING ACCOUNTS 2023 - for information & discussion (11:20 – 11:44)
  • Presentation
  • Question & Answers
 GOVERNANCE - for information, discussion and approval (11:45 -13:00)
Presentation followed by one common Q&A session
  • Diversity and Inclusion Plan Presentation and Discussion 
  • Young Women Engagement Plan Presentation and Discussion 
  • SRC ToR and Mandate 
  • DIE ToR and Mandate 
  • Well-Being Committee ToR and Mandate 
  • Emergency Motion Committee ToRs 
  • FFCOM ToRs / Ethical Guidelines 
  • Issue Group Committee ToRs 

VOTING (15’) – AOB while voting procedure – followed by announcement of results 
(On Work Plan and Budget 2025; Diversity Plan; Young Women Engagement Plan, Prolongation of Committee ToRs to Board meeting 2025 – after GA)
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