Applications for the Executive Committee 2023-2025

The publication of all applications on the Living Room cannot be considered as recognition of their admissibility by the EWL Secretariat. EWL full members are responsible for assessing the applications and for voting during the Board Capacity Building meeting. The Statutes and Internal Rules of EWL are available on the EWL website here, and more information about the elections is available here: Q&A about the EWL elections: application forms, procedures and guidance

EWL Executive Committee Applications
There are 6 seats in the Executive Committee, in addition to the President (7 in total - see article 20 of EWL Statutes here)
Currently, the election is for the two vacant seats of the Executive Committee. 

Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer - Medical Women's International Association (MWIA)
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Marion Böker - International Alliance of Women (IAW) 
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Maria João Faustino - Portuguese Platform for Women's Rights 
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