Q&A about the EWL ExCo elections: application forms, procedures and guidance

Q&A about the EWL ExCo elections: application forms, procedures and guidance

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1. Communication from EWL President about the Call for the two (2) new ExCo members

Please go to this page to read the communication from of Iliana Balabanova about the elections for the two vacant seats at the Executive Committee.

2. About the elections

Every 2 years, the EWL Board of Administration elects the Executive Committee at the Board meeting directly following the General Assembly where the Board was elected (article 14 internal rules). Due to special circumstances and withdrawal of some candidacies the Board members are now invited to cast their votes for two vacant seats at the Executive Committee.

3. When do the elections take place?

The elections take place at Board induction meeting on 13- 15 October 2023.

4. How will the elections work? 

The election will be held with an online voting tool. The Executive Committee agreed during the EWL February 2023 Board meeting preparations that the EWL President will monitor online voting. We will use a safe and secure online voting tool for the elections that is easy to use and legally valid. 

5. The mandate
Please be reminded that the next EWL election will mandate the EWL Executive Committee for the term from 2023-2025.

6. What are the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee

We invite you to download the document below which describes the powers, roles and responsibilities of the EWL Executive Committee as well as information about the new Belgian Code for Companies and Associations.

7. Who elects the EWL Executive Committee?
  • The Board of EWL elects the Executive Committee

8. How to apply?

We are asking you all to use the online form to submit your application – please follow the links below. This is easy to use and secure, and will facilitate the whole election. The system allows you to upload all the required documents as attachments (photos, etc). 

Below, we are also providing you with a WORD version so you can prepare IN ADVANCE your answers and easily copy and paste these in the online forms. Please note that Word applications sent via email will NOT be valid. 

 9. Do you have the forms in WORD so I can prepare my answers?

You can download a Word version of the application form where you can write your answers and then copy and paste them in the online forms (see question 6 above for the links). Please note you must complete the application online so DO NOT send us the form as a Word document. These will not be valid.

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10. Is it the same application form for National Coordinations and European Wide Members?

YES, the forms are the same for both.  

11. What are the deadlines to submit the application form.

The deadlines for the election applications are set following EWL’s Internal Rules (article 14):
  • Deadline for applications for candidates for the EWL Executive Committee – 13 September 2023 (as per article 14.2, Internal Rules)
 ALL eligible applications will be circulated to EWL full members via the Living Room by 21 September 2023. (Article 14.2 of Internal Rules). 

 12. What do we do if we will not meet these deadlines? 

We recognise that the timing may not fit some our Members' own internal calendars. If you need extra time for your applications, please inform Caitlin Raph via email before the deadline of 14 September at  Raph@Womenlobby.org. Caitlin will inform the rest of EWL full members about the delay.

13. When will the applications be circulated to EWL full member organisations?

ALL eligible applications will be circulated to EWL full members by 21 September 2023.

14. Who completes the forms?

Candidates for the other seats in the Executive Committee have to complete the application form for the Executive Committee.

15. How will I know you've received my application?
When you finish the online form, you will see a thank you message on your screen. Please be assured that if you click submit we will receive your form.

For candidates to the Executive Committee, Caitlin will email you to confirm receipt of your application. 

16. Where can I get a copy of my application form?

For candidates to the Executive Committee, Caitlin will email you to confirm receipt of your application with a copy of your application. 

17. What are the procedures for the EWL elections as per the EWL Statutes and Internal Rules?

The relevant articles from the EWL Statutes and Internal Rules regarding the election procedures are outlined in the application forms. You can also download them here. 

18. What is the composition of the EWL Executive Committee?

As per Article 20 of the Statutes:

“The Executive Committee will consist of seven elected members: the President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and three additional members. The Executive Committee is elected from among the members of the Board of Administration. The Executive Committee comprises at least one representative of European-wide full member organisations. Each member of the Executive Committee will have one vote.”

19. Who can stand for the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee is elected from within the Board of Administration.

20. What is the length of term of the Executive Committee? 

As per article 20 of the EWL Statutes, “Members of the Executive Committee will undertake to stay in office for the whole of their two-year mandate.“

21. Do Executive Committee members also have alternates? 

No. The Executive Committee are all elected from among the EWL Board of Administration. This means that the Executive Committee members are all Board Members, however, their alternate on the Board cannot replace them in their roles in the Executive Committee.  

22. What is the publication in the Moniteur Belge/Belgian Gazette?

The 'Moniteur Belge' or Belgian Gazette produces and distributes a wide range of official and public publications, from laws passed in the Belgian Federal Parliament to publications of ExCo elections, announcements of adoption of new statutes by companies, etc.

After elections at EWL, the EWL Secretariat publishes information about the Executive Committee in the Moniteur Belge. It will include the name, country/organisation, date of birth and address of all members who are newly elected, whose mandate was renewed and who have stepped down. It will also include the names of the members of the Executive Committee, as well as the current Secretary General and Administration and Finance Director. 

The function of the Moniteur Belge is to inform third parties about the 'life' of the organisation. Its purpose is not to make internal decisions legal or valid, but to make them enforceable against third parties. A decision validly taken internally (e.g. election of new Board members) exists for the association from the moment it is taken according to the statutes and internal rules, but they will only exist for the 'outside world' once they are published in the Moniteur Belge.
Magdalena Kurz
Membership and Governance Coordinator
European Women's Lobby // Lobby européen des femmes
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